Sunday, March 4, 2012

Time Out Sort

In my classroom, we use a calm down corner or time out area for students who engage in frequent problem behaviors. This year I really wanted to make sure that this time away from the group provided a learning opportunity rather than just a way to avoid classroom tasks. To make time out more meaningful, I implemented the use of choice sorts in addition to filling out a Think It Over sheet (see previous post).

After teaching several lessons using social stories about appropriate and inappropriate classroom behavior (I focused specifically on work time, circle time, and being a good friend because these seemed to encompass most of the problem behaviors we were seeing), I introduced file folder sorts for each of the focus areas. Now when a student has to go to time out, they are expected to do a Think It Over and sort based on their "offense" before returning to the group.

I have found that providing a structured task during time out has cut down on students continuing to be disruptive while in time out in addition to providing a needed refresher on appropriate classroom behavior.


Mrs. Wheeler said...

Love this! I might need to make one!

P.S. I blogged about your site. Let me know if you start getting more followers!

Heather's Heart said...

I see how this could be very useful!

I use Conscious Discipline in my classroom (you must come read about it!). Part of CD is the Safe Place. This is not really a time-out but a place to go and calm down with you are angry, sad, throwing a fit, frustrated, etc. CD talks about when a child is feeling these strong emotions that cannot really hear what we are telling them because they are functioning at the brain stem part of their brain. Once they calm down we can then help them with the problem. =)

I just found your blog and love it! I would love for you to visit me.

Heather's Heart

Lori said...

Would you be interested in posting your sorts? They sound like something I could use with an especially difficult, angry student.