Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Think It Over---UPDATED with FREEBIE!!

I use the Think It Over sheet below for students who are working on making better choices and frequently engage in impulsive behaviors. Typically after engaging in an undesirable behavior, I ask a student to complete a Think It Over. This tells me if they understand what they did wrong, and what they should do next time. The Think it Over sheet is a great way to communicate behaviors with parents because they have to sign and return them. Additionally, it has been a great record keeping tool for seeing what environments my students are struggling in or which problem behaviors are most frequently occurring.

***UPDATED: Click the link below the picture to take you to the Think it Over pdf FREEBIE!!***

Many colleagues and fellow bloggers have asked for me to share this sheet. To share it with more educators (and parents!) I wanted to also share this Think It Over for Classroom Freebies Manic Monday! A great big welcome to any new followers. I hope you find this Think It Over sheet to be a useful positive behavior reinforcer as well as a good behavior tracking tool!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


jnelson said...

Hi! I love your "Think It Over" and "Time Out Sorts". Will you be posting these anytime soon? I could really use them with one of my more challenging students. Thanks for considering sharing with us.-J. Nelson

kathy said...

I love the Think it Over sheet! Are you going to post a copy of it? I use boardmaker in my special ed class so I could try to make one.

MissAllison said...

Kathy, let me know if you would like the Boardmaker file to edit yourself. I would be glad to email it to you!

Sandi said...

I am visiting through Manic Monday! Great idea! Thank you!

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Susan Hardin said...

Thank you for a great freebie!
-Susan Hardin
3rd Grade Grapevine

Angelia said...

I love this idea!!! Thanks for sharing!

Extra Special Teaching

Elisa Billis said...
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Elisa Billis said...
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MissAllison said...

Hi Elisa! If you click the link below the picture you can access the think it over. If you have trouble just comment with your email and I can send it (all comments need approved so I can get your email without publishing it for others to see). Thanks for reading and I am glad you found something helpful!

Elisa Billis said...

That would be great! Yes its