Saturday, June 23, 2012

Special Apps for Special Kids

Special Apps for Special Kids

I was recently invited to give a presentation about iPad apps that I use in my classroom for another school district. My speech therapist was also a presenter and we compiled a list of apps to share. We separated the list into several key categories: Communication, Autism, Fine Motor/OT, Social, Sensory, Behavior, Fuctional Living Skills, Reading, and Math. I am really happy with the list we came up with. It has a lot of apps that can be used with general ed or special ed classes. Because I teach K-4, most of the apps are geared towards elementary kids but we did try to include some higher level apps as well. The list is extensive so I also want to include some of my favorites:

Top 20 Favorite iPad Apps

1. Proloquo2Go
2. Preschool Monkey Toolbox
3. Injini Lite
4. Visules
5. Time Timer
6. Touch and Write
7. Letter School
8. Super Duper Fun Deck: Following Directions
9. Koi Pond Lite
10. Tappy Tunes
11. MeMoves
12. Dance Party Zoo
13. iReward
14. iEarnedThat
15. Whizzy Kids
16. Lakeshore Sound Sorting
17. Measurement
18. KidCalc 7-in-1 Math Fun
19. Bob Books
20. McGraw-Hill Addition

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