Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Families in Need...please help!

I don't typically do things like this but last night I read about two events that really touched my heart and I felt compelled to spread the word through Blogland so that at the very least my followers can send a thought or prayer to both of these needy families.

The first family I learned about through friends from the University of Dayton (that's where I went to undergrad). A man and his sister survived a horrific home invasion which left the man needing several brain surgeries and intensive therapies which are not fully covered by insurance. You can read more about this family on the mother's blog.

The next family is searching for Lynn Jackenheimer, a mother of two young girls, who went on vacation to the OBX with her girls and her ex-boyfriend and never came home. My friend Kady is a friend of this family's. The ex-bf dropped off the girls on Sunday, alluded to hurting Lynn, and then disappeared. Now the family is looking for Lynn, the ex (Nate Summerfield), or any information that could be helpful in this search. Please send lots of prayers and thoughts their way.

It's so sad to hear of such tragic events impacting families so close to home. These are the types of stories you see on Law and Order shows and 20/20 and you never think it could happen in your own "backyard".

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