Saturday, July 21, 2012

Social Story Saturday #2-- Work Time (FREEBIES!!)

Here is the second set of social story FREEBIES for all of my awesome followers!

Last week I shared my Being a Good Friend Social Story and Sort.

This week I am focusing on Work Time behavior. Again, the social story is simple and really geared towards my kiddos so if you see a page that doesn't apply to your bunch then I promise it won't hurt my feelings if you just pitch it!

Click on the links below each picture to take you to the pdf... ENJOY! and stop back next week for another Social Story FREEBIE!!

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Choices Sorting Mat


Karlie said...

I LOVE your social story sorts! Those are great reminders! I've never thought of something like that. Have you made one for recess before? Do you also share your creations on BoardMakerShare? I haven't used share much, but there are so many ideas on there! Also, do you mind if I pin your social stories? Thank you for sharing them:)

We are ALL Special!

mom said...

I just wanted to thank you so much for what you are sharing. I have a son with autism. Your social stories/sorts and think it over sheet are wonderful. When school starts this September I will bring them in for the school to use with him. Having a son with autism is very hard; but having the tools to help him be successful makes the journey a little easier. Thank you so much for sharing some tools! Very appreciative mom!

MissAllison said...

I haven't shared on Boardmakershare but it's on my ToDo list! I do find some great stuff on that site too! I don't have anything for Recess yet. I luckily haven't had much trouble during recess. But every year is a new set of challenges so you may see one in the future! You should be able to find my social stories already pinned on my pinterest page and you are certainly able to pin anything you find here and would like to share! I want to reach and help as many people as possible!

MissAllison said...

I am delighted to hear positive feedback from parents! I hope you will check back over the next few weeks as I continue to share new social stories! Also feel free to share my blog with your son's teachers. I love having new followers and learning about new kiddos!

Maggie Cooper said...

Thanks so much for this!!
I LOVE IT! And its something that can definitely be used in my classroom this year. I really appreciate it! :)