Saturday, July 28, 2012

Social Story Saturday #3--Circle Time (FREEBIES!)

Here is the third set of social story FREEBIES! I hope everyone is enjoying the last two FREEBIE story and sort sets: Being a Good Friend and Work Time.

This week I am focusing on Circle Time behavior. Again, the social story is simple and really geared towards my kiddos so if you see a page that doesn't apply to your bunch then I promise it won't hurt my feelings if you just pitch it! Circle Time is very similar to Work Time but it addresses some "whole-group" behaviors that may not apply to work time.

Click on the links below each picture to take you to the pdf... ENJOY! and stop back next week for another Social Story FREEBIE!!

Choices Sorting Mat


lexie phillips said...

I just found your blog from Pinterest. I love all the ideas you have. They will be so helpful this school year! Thanks so much!

mom said...

Thanks again. I love the visuals and how you work it. My son will so benefit from them this year. I think having visuals in every classroom would be so beneficial. Considering that 80% of what is learned, is learned through the eyes (in any child). Also, I loved your post on the eyes. I work in the optical field and we have helped so many through vision therapy. It's amazing what it can do for children.

MissAllison said...

Lexie- I'm so glad you found my blog! I hope you find lots of ideas and resources for your classroom!

MissAllison said...

I think every early childhood room should have Boardmaker access. As a special ed teacher I can't live without it. I have visuals EVERYWHERE in my room (it's actually what I am known for by our regional autism team). I find minimizing verbals and increasing visuals has made a world of difference especially with behavior. Thanks for your support!