Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Take a Break Tuesday--Hoover Vacuum

Last Christmas the biggest gift I wanted was a new vacuum. So I did some research using Consumer Reports and was very excited with this find:  The Hoover T-Series Wind Tunnel Rewind Plus Bagless Upright.

I HATE  DESPISE   LOATHE vacuuming...but I was super excited when I got this little gem (You know you are getting old when the gift you get SUPER excited for at Christmas is a vacuum). Here are some of the wonderful things I love about my vacuum. 

  1. It was cheap (about $100 at Target)
  2. The cord retracts at the push of a button... how cool is that?! Probably my favorite feature
  3. No bag and a washable filter
  4. Canister is very easy to empty and clean (gets pretty dusty in there though!)
  5. Super light
  6. Cute green color which matches my kitchen walls 
  7. Great suction... cleaned up dirt even after 2 previous steam cleans
  8. Attachments are really easy to attach 

An added bonus is that my boyfriend also loves this vacuum because I will actually help with the vacuuming instead of running away and/or getting all whiny about it! 

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Sasha Marie said...

Omigod I feel you! I totally want a new vacuum for Christmas - and I kept thinking - is this so sad that I want this? Haha!

Have a great week!

- Sasha
The Autism Helper