Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Take a Break Tuesday-- Why I Love My Kitchen

I love my kitchen! It is the brightest, most colorful room in the house and I LOVE color! It is actually the only room in the house that doesn't have white walls (we rent or else my house would be full of colored walls!).

For today's Take a Break Tuesday, I am going to share the wonderful things I love about my kitchen....

1. I love these vintagy orange bar stools that we were surprised to find at Value City. Our apartment had a rather high breakfast bar and these were the only stools we could find that were affordable and adjustable. Now they have been adjusted to fit perfectly at the table. I also love my placemats (Pier One) and bowl centerpiece (Steinmart)

2. I really wanted a funky clock for the kitchen and this was the perfect Pier One find. 

3. I love our cute spoon chalkboard. We have never actually wrote on it because the chalk got lost on the way home from the store. You would think as a teacher I could find some chalk but I keep forgetting to bring some home! Another Pier One find.

4. My dad got these awesome vintage milk bottles from my grandfather. I love having something in my kitchen that is actually vintage and not just designed to look that way!

5. With my love for color I couldn't just leave these canisters white! Of course I needed to add some color with  these letter stickers I found in the Target dollar bins (who doesn't love the Target dollar bins?!)

6. The copper tile was here when we moved in. I fell in love with it right away because I had never seen anything like it! 

7. I looked everywhere for some curtain tie backs that I liked but didn't find anything that I thought was cute and affordable. So I used these colorful, sunflower napkin rings from Pier One.

8. I do not have a green thumb at all so these awesome self-watering Groball herb planters are perfect. I just watch the water window on the side and it shows me when they are out of water. 


mom said...

I really like your kitchen! Completely off the subject of today's post......have you thought of making a stop and think sheet for home use? Again, love your blog.

MissAllison said...

I would be happy to help you with this! Send me an email with which settings (specific rooms? Community places? Therapy?) and behaviors you would like for me to address

Casablanca said...

Do you just slip the napkin ring on each day? Is that how it is attached?