Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Take a Break Tuesdays-- Bathroom Basics

Our bathroom is pretty small and I don't have much to really share, however there are a couple basic organizational things that visitors have commented on so I wanted to share them anyway.

First, is our toilet paper holder vase. I hate when I go to someone's house and they run out of toilet paper and I feel like a creeper checking through their cabinets looking for a spare roll. In my bathroom, this should never happen because we just stack the spare rolls in a tall glass vase so it is easily accessible.

The other simple organizational thing is our loofah holders. I just used some old curtain hooks to hang our loofahs off of our wire shower caddy. They won't rust, they allow the loofah's to hang dry, and they are out of the way. Problem solved!

P.S. I know I am supposed to be taking a break from teaching today but it is our first day back with the kiddos.... Wish me luck! :)

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Karlie said...

You're doing a sports theme too! OOO!!! I'm so excited! I'll be posting some more sports stuff soon, so keep your eyes open:-D

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