Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Take a Break Tuesday--Easy Walnut Pesto

I love, love, love pasta! I especially love pasta with pesto on it. And I especially love pasta with HOMEMADE pesto on it! I think it is such a wonderful, fresh summer dish. However, pine nuts are super expensive so for a long time I made pesto with roasted pecan slivers. It was good... BUT THEN, I found a recipe that is even better....

My boyfriend is getting his masters in bio and one of his lab friends is Kelly from GrowCookPreserve. The first time we met we were chatting about blogging and I was very excited to check out her blog which features awesome gardening tips and super yummy (and healthy) recipes!

My ultimate fave is her pesto recipe which uses roasted walnuts instead of pine nuts or pecans. I think it works much better for consistency and taste than the pecans.

photo courtesy of GrowCookPreserve
In addition to being tasty, pesto is also very easy to make. I find the hardest part just being harvesting the basil. I use the Magic Bullet just like Kelly does unless I am making a super big batch and then I use my food processor.

If you make a super big batch, a great way to save the extras is by freezing the leftover sauce in an ice cube tray. Then, when you have a fresh, hot batch of pasta you can just throw in a couple pesto cubes! How easy is that?! (I also use this trick for Chilis in Adobo and Tomato Paste because none of the recipes I use these ingredients for calls for a whole can).

Another tasty tip is to top your pesto pasta with feta cheese. I tried this one day when I had some extra feta and it was so delicious! Feta adds a perfect amount of cheesiness and saltiness.

P.S. I know I keep saying pesto pasta, but as Kelly points out in her blog post you can really use pesto for a bunch of yummy things such as a caprese salad topper or a sandwich spread.

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