Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Take a Break Tuesday--Girly Spare Room

I use our spare room to get ready before school every morning so I have completely taken it over. For this reason it is the "girliest" room in the house. Here are some of the girly decorations:

The lighting of this pic isn't ideal but this is showing the "girly" 3D flower decorations from Bed Bath and Beyond that are over the bed and stretch to the adjacent wall. 

Here is one of my favorite "girly" and functional pieces. It is a homemade earring holder. I love having my earrings on display and it makes picking a pair easy in the early morning hours. 

Here is my "girly" necklace display from Pier One (favorite decorating store ever!). Again having them all on display it makes it very easy to pick a necklace in the morning.

Here is my vanity area. Some of the "girly" features are the cotton lace runner (Target--second favorite decoration store), cute straighter plate (Pier One), picture tree turned bracelet holder (Pier One), and antiquey looking jewelry box (not an actual antique... it is of course from Pier One). 

Some features are just sentimental too. The mirror my mom has had since she was in her twenties, the dresser was from my first very own bedroom set that I picked out when I was about 9 (notice those super cool chunky drawer pulls!), and the bowl in the back I purchased at a local art high school fundraiser where the students made the bowls and served soup in them. 

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Karlie said...

I love that you shared what your guest bedroom/dressing room looks like! Something I might need to keep in mind in the future:)

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