Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Take a Break Tuesday-- Blogging Desk

Greetings from my "blogging desk". I do most of my blogging from my desk in my home office because that is where I am most focused. At school I always have a million other things to do, while on our laptop I am typically too distracted by the TV, and I hate typing long posts on my phone (although I do use the Blogger app to attach most of the pictures to my posts because it is SUPER EASY!).

Some things I love about my desk area include:

  1. Mug of Tea: During the school year, I am constantly drinking tea between the hours of 7:00 and 4:00. On weekdays it is for necessity. On weekends it is to relax. The biggest difference between weekday and weekend tea is I actually have time to drink a whole mug of weekend tea before it gets cold. This NEVER happens with weekday tea!
  2. Newspaper Baskets: Anybody who has read a few of my Take a Break Tuesday posts has probably figured out that I LOVE PIER ONE! And these were another great Pier One find. The small one on the far left is for electronic stuff (USB cords, old cell phones, camera chargers, etc), the one in the center is for papers that need to be filed, and the one on the right is for papers that need to be recycled. 
  3. Blog Notebook: As you may already know I am a list-aholic. I keep this notebook full of ideas for future blog posts. 
  4. Desktop Post-its: In addition to the adorable picture of my little cousin, my desktop has several desktop post-its which I think are the best thing in the world! I list movies and books I am interested in and I keep the link on how to embed a hyperlink on a blog comment there because I can NEVER remember it! If you have Windows 7 you should already have desktop post-its. 
  5. Stereo: You can hardly see the speaker here but while blogging or doing anything on my computer I am always playing music on Spotify. 

Where do you do all your best blogging? Do you have any blogging must-haves?

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Mrs. Wheeler said...

Miss you!!! I totally understand about the tea getting cold! I get so ticked when I get an expensive tea at Starbucks or Caribou and it's cold before I have time to drink it!